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CONVOY LOGISTICS PROVIDERS Ltd. (CLP) completed and delivered two part charter shipments covering a ship-loader with 13,459 cbm and 695,054 kgs from Shanghai, China to Vancouver, Canada. The largest item covered the bridge and shuttle unit measuring over 64 meters in length and weighing 246,000 kgs. Discharge was made directly from under hook onto 5 barges that were then transferred to final erection site across the Vancouver port.


Under the leadership of Dona Asciak, CEO of Convoy Logistics Providers and Bryan Sciberras, Operations Supervisor, both worked on the project for almost a year to cover all aspects and to negotiate favorable terms for the client. Both attended the arrival of the last vessel to document its safe transfer to barge.


Convoy Logistics Providers is a project oriented logistics provider located in Toronto, Canada adding value by providing custom designed solutions for major global companies and their transportation needs including relocation of entire plants on a world wide scale.

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