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Convoy Logistics Providers Ltd. (CLP) completed delivery of a used PP/HDPE plant to the port of Sorel, Quebec. Total volume moved was 3,200 cbm of break bulk items and 30 x 40’ Shipper owned containers. The scope of service covered the receipt of the dismantled items, skidding, saddling, packing for export, crating of instrumentation and control items, loading of piping and structural units into containers, applying preservation to stainless steel vessels and piping as well as arranging for delivery to the port.


Convoy Logistics worked closely with the dismantling company to receive and record over 10,000 bar coded items, provided site management and oversight of the subcontracted export packaging, arranging for crane loading and delivery to the port using specialized heavy haul equipment. The work was completed in 3 months. Final destination of cargo was the Black Sea port

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