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CONVOY LOGISTICS PROVIDERS recently completed a combination rail / road movement from Ontario to the Blue Sky Project in Bingham Maine of the crated synchronized condenser motor and top hat. With a weight of 249,500 lbs and width and height just over 12 feet, the synchronized condenser was loaded to a QTTX heavy duty railcar in Peterborough Ontario and was railed to a siding in Milo ME, 50 miles east of the final site in Bingham ME.

At the Milo rail siding the crated motor was trans-loaded via jack and slide to a hydraulic trailer. Jacking was accomplished by utilizing four 150 ton capacity jacks, and was placed onto a turn table, allowing the cargo to be rotated into its required delivery position transport to site. The crated motor was delivered to the final site location in Bingham ME in December 2015, prior to the completion of the building construction.

It was then placed to stools and tarped while building construction was completed and while waiting for installation.

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