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PSI Refinery Relocation

Convoy Logistics Providers was awarded the project logistics contact for the movement of a 100,000 bpd dismantled refinery from Canada to Pakistan over a 3 year period of time. CLP mobilized a project team to site and arranged for all intra site transport services to receive cargo as it was dismantled, established a lay down yard where cargo was received and inventoried for eventual export.

CLP provided all site ground services of export packaging. Cargo such as large columns, pressure vessels, heaters, stacks, drums and storage tanks were placed on saddles or other cribbing and /or custom made packaging. When the columns were too large to transport by road, a special train service was arranged on heavy duty rail cars to meet delivery requirement at the port of loading.

In addition to this, shipper owned containers were purchased and loaded with plant controls, valves, pipe spools, structural steel and other dismantled cargo suitable to be loaded into containers. CLP worked closely with the site dismantlers and engineers to arrive at most optimal shipping parcels throughout the project

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